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Centennial Antiques 
line of quality antiques and collectibles including elegant, depression, 40s
50s 60s, and carnival glass; china, photography, lighting, dolls, furniture
and more. Each item is individually pictured and priced.


Pastmart antiques webpages 
dealer antiques website.
Glassware,pottery,books,technological, talking machines and more. No
commission. No membership required.


Find Your Collectible http://www.findacollectible.com


Civil War Relics http://www.cwrelics.com


Civil War Collectors Software http://www.cwrelics.com/ads2000.htm


Detector Headphones http://www.duraphone.com


Civil War Collectors List Serve http://www.cwcollect.com


Northern Virginia Relic Hunters Association http://www.nvrha.com


Virginia Civil War Relics http://www.virginiarelics.com

American Civil War Relics