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Orig. Price: $9,500.00
Sale Price: $7,995.00
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Prod. Code: FR408

Rare fully cased early 1st model Maynard carbine. An exceedingly rare casing seldom encountered. Serial #4481 matching. Over condition is very good+. Housed in a 13.5" X 23 1/4" oak casing, early 1st model Maynard carbine with 3 barrels. The metal on the carbine is an overall aged smooth pewter grey. Both sides of the frame have full, clear Maynard markings Mechanics are very good. Original rear flip-up long range sight. Inside of primer door stamped with serial #4481. Very upper tip of primer door chipped off from gun powder corrosion. All screw heads are very good. Original iron patchbox and rounded buttplate. Remnants of original factory Maynard label still visible in the patchbox, along with an original extra nipple. Patchbox door lid with full Maynard markings. The wood overall is very good with original varnish, just age surface dings from handling. 3 cased barrels are all in very good+ condition exhibiting all original fading blue finish. Very good bores. 1).35 caliber, 20", 2).35 caliber 26", 3).50 caliber, 20". Each barrel has a matching serial #4481. Accessories include: 1)Powder flask stamped at top "AM FLASK & CAP CO.". Fine ribbed flask free of any dents. The copper body has a nice aged, untouched patina. The spout works fine. It has 4 handing rings present. 2)2-cavity iron bullet mold, stamped "MAYNARD ARMS CO. / WASHINGTON". Produces one .35 caliber and one .50 caliber, complete with spruce cutter. 3)2 covered compartments holding other accessories to include: one .35 caliber and one .50 caliber bore cleaning brushes, a wad cutter, screwdriver, 2 Maynard tins with cap primer rolls (a few rolls still present in each), one wooden plunger and one metal plunger, additional powder flask spout, brass powder casing charger, pre-cast lead bullets, brass bullet casings, wad disks, tin of caps, cleaning bore brush, oil bottle, powder measure, nipple wrench/screwdriver tool, key to casing. The oak casing is in very good condition overall, free of any cracks, chips, just normal handling wear. Fitted with brass corners to the lid and brass brackets along the sides. Brass oval keyhole plate and slide locking devices for the lid. Brass oval lid plate with no name/initials. The interior velvet maroon lining has faded from age. This set is original and complete, hard to find another, for the advanced collector.