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Identified Confederate side knife to Sergeant Zachary H Bennett, 2nd Georgia Cavalry, Company 'B' and 5th Georgia Cavalry, Company 'F'. The knife appears to be created from a piece of kitchen cutlery. This is a wonderful example of how the Southern army utilized anything available to create weapons to be used during the Civil War. The knife is 14 7/8" overall, with a 9 7/8" slightly curved blade. Attaching the handle to the blade is a silver-band stamped "5TH GA. CAV." on the left side. The 2-piece walnut grips are held onto the tang of the blade by 3 handmade iron rivets. The left grip is stamped "Z H B". Apparently with no "Z" being available, the letter "N" was used and stamped sideways. The final letter "B" also appears to have been stamped over a previously stamped letter. The knife is in very good condition overall, with the blade having a dark-brown patina, it is still rather sharp. The grips have age-handling wear, the stamped initials are very clear. Some paperwork on Sergeant Bennett as well as the units which he served are included. A neat Confederate weapon and .100% guaranteed original.