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Price: $295.00
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Prod. Code: IR66

Cane that has a verbal association as being obtained from the General Tom Thumb estate in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Cane has not been shortened, and measures 23.5" in total length. Simple rosewood construction with "L" shaped handle. Tarnished silver band at top of hexagon shaft, metal tipped at bottom. End of handle appears to have had a silver band as well, missing. Fine condition overall with no cracks or wood loss. Accompanied by an original cdv photo of the General and his wife in wedding attire, a period pamphlet booklet, a xerox of the General pictured with a similar cane in hand and some biographical information stating "GENERAL TOM THUMB WAS KNOWN TO HAVE MANY CANES". Not only the General Tom Thumb association, but a unique item for the cane collector.